How do temporary workers’ compensation benefits work?

I was injured on the job and received a Notice of Temporary Compensation Payable, what does this mean?

A Notice of Temporary Compensation Payable is a way for an employer’s insurance company to begin paying your wage-loss benefits without having to accept liability for the claim. The insurance company is essentially agreeing to pay wage-loss benefits on a temporary basis while they continue to investigate the claim and reserve the right to deny your claim if they believe that your injury was not work-related or for any other basis to deny a claim.

Temporary workers compensation benefits last for only 90 days. In order to stop your benefits, the employer must send a Notice of Denial within the 90 day period or a Notice of Stopping Temporary Compensation Payable within 5 days of the 90-day period elapsing. If neither notice if received within the required time period, workers’ compensation benefits will continue.

If you have received either a Notice of Denial or Notice of Stopping Temporary Compensation Payable, please contact me at (484) 362-9286. You have the right to file a Claim Petition seeking a judge’s order requiring the employer to continue paying your workers’ compensation benefits.

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