Bethlehem Landlord-Tenant Attorney

Zachary Zawarski is an attorney located in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, practicing landlord-tenant law. Zachary Zawarski can help landlords with various legal issues that they may faced with, particularly in the areas of evictions, security deposit disputes, and collecting judgments.


If you are a landlord that has a tenant that has not paid rent or breached a condition of a lease, we can help you with the eviction process by obtaining a court order for possession as well as a judgment for any rent that is owed. Please contact us or call (610) 417-6345.

The process of evicting a tenant is somewhat cumbersome and tedious and an attorney is often needed. Landlords must ensure that they follow proper procedure in evicting a tenant since attempting to remove a tenant from the premises on your own is strictly against the law.

Furthermore, proper notice must be given to a tenant before a landlord may evict a tenant. If a landlord does not give the tenant proper notice, the tenant may be able to stay on the premises longer than what the landlord wishes.

Security Deposit Disputes

When a tenant moves out, landlords are required by law to provide the tenant with an itemized list of damages within thirty (30) days and return any unused portion of the security deposit. Failure to provide the tenant with a list of damages or failure to return the security deposit can result in a penalty of double the amount of the security deposit.

If a tenant has filed a claim against you seeking a return of their security deposit, you must be aware of these provision and obtain qualified legal counsel to help you defend against this claim. Please call us at (610) 417-6345 or contact us to discuss these matters.

Collecting Judgments

Pennsylvania law fortunately permits landlords to garnish tenant’s wages to collect judgments arising from residential leases for the payment of back rent. Once a judgment is obtained, landlords can take steps to garnish 10% of a tenant’s net wages provided that the tenant’s wages do not fall below poverty guidelines. Please feel free to contact me in the event you have a judgment against a tenant that you are seeking to collect. We also have more information on the Pennsylvania wage garnishment process.

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