Productivity Tip That Boosts Your Bottom Line

Productivity TipI recently received an email from Mike Michalowicz with a great tip to be more productive and boost in your bottom line. It simply deals with creating effective to-do lists. I’m sure everyone has a to-do list, but a simple twist on how it’s organized can really help you focus on items that help you earn more money and satisfy your clients.

First, write a list of all of the things that you would like to accomplish. This doesn’t have to be arranged by priority — just a list of everything. Add tasks as they come along.

Next, for all of the tasks that will help you generate revenue in the next month, put a dollar sign next to it. For all of the tasks that help serve your client base, put a smiley face next to it. Start off each day with the items that boost your bottom line.

I hope that simple twist to your to-do lists really helps you focus on making more money. Thanks for the great tip Mike.  Mike has a great book that you can purchase on titled The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur.

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