Key to Closing Prospects

Key to Closing ProspectsThe process of converting prospects to customers seems like it takes forever. It may seem like you’re making phone call after phone call, sending emails, and making personal visits, but the client just won’t take the ultimate step and purchase from you. It can take weeks, sometimes even months, to close a prospect.

If you feel like you’ve done absolutely everything you can, but the client just won’t budge, you’re probably asking yourself, “what am I doing wrong?”

Here’s a tip that you can use to close that prospect: treat them like they’re already a client of yours. Most times we are so focused on closing the sale that we forget to talk about anything else but the sale. People don’t want to be constantly bombarded with a sales message, it’s irritating and unwelcoming.

Rather than following up with the customer with the “are you ready to buy” approach, provide them something valuable that they’ll appreciate. Call them up just to see how they’re doing and share a tip with them. Let them know that you just read a great article in your favorite magazine and you came across something that you thought would be helpful to them. Ask if they’re having any problems in their business and offer solutions — and not just your products or services.

You’ll be seen as a resource rather than a salesperson and the prospect will begin to trust you. Once you gain the trust of the prospect, then they’ll be ready to purchase from you. A small change in the way you approach your customers can mean all the difference in the world when it comes to being a good salesperson and a great one.

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