What happens when you take a PA DUI case to trial?

If you are looking to fight a DUI charge, you’re probably interested in what the process is from your not guilty plea until the jury’s verdict is delivered. Between the time of your not guilty plea and the time of your trial, your DUI defense attorney will seek discovery in order to access information that the District Attorney will use against the Defendant. Additionally, your DUI defense attorney has an opportunity to file pre-trial motions that will affect your case at trial.

Examples of pre-trial motions would be a motion to suppress certain evidence or statements that are sought to be used against you. Common examples of evidence that may be suppressed is if you confessed to drinking and driving without being read your Miranda rights or if the police failed to follow the required procedure in administering a field-sobriety test.

Prior to your trial, the prosecutor and defense counsel then select a jury. The trial starts with opening statements from each side, followed by the direct and cross examination of witnesses, followed by each sides closing argument.

If you intend to fight your DUI, ask your counsel if any evidence used could be suppressed through the use of pre-trial motions. Contact me at (484) 362-9286 for a consultation.

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