Receiving PA UC Benefits After Quitting Due To Health Reasons

If you voluntarily quit your employment due to health reasons, you may be denied unemployment compensation benefits. If you leave your job for health reasons, you will not be entitled to PA UC benefits unless you are available and able to work elsewhere. Unfortunately, the ability to work is required to receive benefits. However, you may have a claim for workers’ compensation.

In other words, if a particular workplace causes or exacerbates an employee’s health conditions, then the worker can be eligible for PA UC benefits if they have to leave the job due to the conditions. A common example would be exposure to a chemical that causes allergic reactions.

If you feel that you need to leave your job for health reasons, you should talk to your employer about your health problem and explain your inability to perform your job duties. Hopefully, the employer will be able to make accommodations so you are able to continue the employment.

To receive benefits for leaving due to health reasons, the employee must establish (1) there is medical evidence to support that the termination was due to health reasons; (2) they informed their employer of the condition to see if reasonable accommodations could be made; and (3) they are available for alternative work.

What about workplace stress? If stress is being used as a basis for collecting unemployment benefits, the employee must establish that the employer is at fault for bringing about the employee’s work-related stress condition.

If you have been denied PA UC benefits after leaving due to health reasons and feel you are eligible, please contact me by calling (484) 362-9286.

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