Required Employer Postings In Pennsylvania

Every Pennsylvania employer is required to post certain notices within the workplace. Failure to post the required notices may result in liability including fines, penalties, or liquidated damages.

Here is a general checklist of notices that must be posted by employers:

  • Minimum Wage Law and Fact Sheet – Form No. LLC-1 – Contact the Department of Labor and Industry (717-787-4671)
  • Abstract of Equal Pay Law – Form No. LLC-8 – Contact the Department of Labor and Industry (717-787-4671)
  • Unemployment Compensation Form – Form UC-700 – Contact the Department of Labor and Industry (717-783-3140)
  • Workers’ Compensation Insurance Posting – Form LIBC-500 – Contact the Department of Labor and Industry (717-783-5421)
  • Employment Provisions of the PA Human Relations Act – Contact the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission (717-772-2845)

Please consult with an attorney to determine if any additional notices are required to be posted in your workplace.

In some cases, additional notices may be applicable to your specific business. For example, places of public accommodation (restaurants and doctor’s office) are required to post specific notices. Banks, lending institutions, and real estate brokers are also required to post certain additional notices.

Additionally, if an employer has employees under the age of eighteen, additional notices such as the Abstract of the Pennsylvania Child Labor Law (Form No. LLC-5) and Hours of Work for Minors Under Eighteen (Form No. LLC-17) are required.

If you have any questions, please contact me by calling (484) 362-9286.

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