Real Estate Attorney

Zachary Zawarski is a real estate attorney located in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Below are some specific issues that come up in residential real estate transactions.

  • Deposit Money Disputes – If a buyer puts a deposit down on a property, the real estate contract will govern what contingencies will permit the buyer to cancel the agreement. However, dispute often arise when the seller believes that buyer doesn’t have the right to cancel the agreement of sale. If you are involved in a deposit money dispute and looking for legal representation, please contact me.
  • Seller Disclosure Law Violations – Sellers of real estate are required to provide a disclosure of all material defects which are known to them. If you believe that you’ve been sold real estate where the seller didn’t make a necessary disclosure concerning a material defect, contact me for a consultation.
  • Unpaid Broker Commissions – Broker fees are earned once a Broker finds a ready, willing, and able buyer. However, sometimes sellers get cold feet and no longer want to want to sell their home while the listing is active. If you a Broker and Realtor in this situation, I can help get you the commission that you’ve earned.

If you are experiencing any legal issues arising out of a residential transaction, feel free to call me at (610) 417-6345 for a consultation.