Pennsylvania LLC Formation

Advantages of Forming a Limited Liability Company

If you’re looking to form a business in Pennsylvania, I recommend forming a Limited Liability Company (LLC). An LLC provides the liability protection of a corporation without the required formalities. An LLC also gives you the ability to be taxed as a disregarded entity for single-member LLCs, a partnership for multi-member LLCs, or as an S-Corporation.

Why Legal Counsel is Necessary

Before you conduct business, it’s advisable to speak with an attorney to ensure that your application is complete and processed correctly, that all legal formalities are observed, and ensure compliance with any regulations or employment and labor laws affecting your business.

By using The Law Office of Zachary Zawarski to file your LLC, you’ll have the personal guidance of an attorney to act as counsel during the formation of your business rather than having a faceless entity handle your filings.

LLC Packages Available

We are able to offer Pennsylvania LLC formations at very affordable rates.  If you would like to speak with us before forming your business, please call (484) 362-9286.