Eviction Attorney in Bethlehem, PA

Zachary Zawarski is an attorney located in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, helping landlords file evictions for tenants who have failed to pay rent or breached a condition of their lease. We can help you file a Landlord and Tenant Complaint in Lehigh and Northampton counties.

Why Hire an Eviction Attorney

Landlord-Tenant Complaints are filed with the District Magistrate where the premises is located. Hiring the help of an experienced attorney who is familiar with the eviction process is vital. An eviction attorney will ensure that you obtain possession of the premises and receive the maximum monetary award available to you.

The Eviction Process

First, there are certain requirements that must be met before an eviction can be filed which includes providing the tenant with a written Eviction Notice prior to filing a Complaint. You will want to ensure that this is hand-delivered to the tenant or posted on the dwelling since delivery by mail is not effective. Second, you’ll be able to understand the eviction process better by using the services of an eviction attorney. You will better understand how long it will take and what steps are required in order to regain possession. An eviction attorney will be able to help you obtain possession of the premises following a judgement being issued and will advise you on how you will be able to collect back rent after a judgment has been awarded.

Filing an Eviction in Northampton or Lehigh County

If you need to file an eviction in Lehigh or Northampton county, please contact Zachary Zawarski by calling (610) 417-6345 or you can also email us.