Lehigh Valley DUI Defense Attorney

If you’ve been arrested for a DUI in Pennsylvania, you are experiencing a lot of emotions. There’s nothing more that you want than peace of mind. The legal process is long and all you want to know is “what will happen to me.” This is an overwhelming experience for most people since this is the first time that they have been in trouble with the law.

People who are arrested for a DUI are not bad people, but merely made a mistake. However, the law treats the people who have been arrested for drinking and driving like they are criminals and that is a frightening experience.

You want to know if you have any defense available and what your options are. You are wondering how much you’ll be fined, how long you will lose your license, and whether you’ll have to face jail time. You’re worried about whether you’ll have a criminal record and how that will affect future employment opportunities.

We are Lehigh Valley DUI defense attorneys. We serve several cities from Allentown, Easton, and Bethlehem. We will help steer you through this difficult time and try to provide you with peace of mind until the disposition of your case. You can contact us for a consultation by calling (484) 362-9286 or emailing us through our contact page.

How We Can Help:

  • We offer a consultation.
  • We will thoroughly investigate your case to determine if you can fight your DUI.
  • We can help you avoid mandatory minimum sentences through alternative sentencing programs.
  • We can help you avoid having a DUI permanently placed on your criminal record.

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