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Pennsylvania’s Elective Share For Disinherited Spouses

If your spouse has disinherited you from their Will, you may be wondering whether you have any rights or recourse. In this article, we explore Pennsylvania’s elective share. This law essentially establishes that a disinherited spouse can force the Estate to provide him or her with one-third of the decedent’s assets even when they have been deliberately excluded or disinherited from their spouse’s Will. If you have been disinherited in a spouse’s Will and need more information, feel free to contact me at (610) 417-6345.


Can a spouse be excluded from receiving any assets from a deceased spouse?

At death, it is common for a deceased person to convey his or her assets to his surviving family members through a formal legal document, also known as a Last Will and Testament. Typically, this document illustrates the decedent’s decision on who gets property and who does …

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