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Can a Landlord charge a Tenant for ordinary wear and tear?

In Pennsylvania, when your lease expires, it’s important to provide your landlord with your forwarding address so they can send you a list of damages within 30 days as they are required to do by law if a forwarding address is provided. If a forwarding address is provided and a landlord does not submit a written list of damages within 30 days, the landlord gives up its right to withhold any portion of the security deposit and will be liable for double the amount of the security deposit.

The next issue is what a landlord can and cannot deduct in PA from the security deposit for repairs. A landlord can charge tenants for cleaning and repairs to restore the rental unit to its original condition at the beginning of the tenancy. However, a landlord cannot charge a tenant for ordinary wear and tear.

For example, if there is a modest …

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