Bethlehem Tenant Lawyer

Zachary Zawarski is a Landlord-Tenant lawyer located in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania and can help you with various areas of Landlord-Tenant law, particularly in the areas of withheld security deposits, excessive damages being sought by landlords, evictions, quiet enjoyment, habitability, and other areas of Landlord-Tenant law.

Security Deposit Disputes

The most common area of tenant law is disputes over the security deposit. Tenants should be aware of their rights and their landlord’s obligations. First, landlords are capped by law for what they may require as a security deposit. If you believe that your security deposit is excessive, you may have a claim. Additionally, landlords have other obligations regarding the security deposit such as holding it in an escrow account and informing the tenant of the bank holding the funds.

Furthermore, the landlord must fulfill certain conditions when returning your security deposit such as providing you with a list of damages within 30 days. If a landlord does not provide you with a list of damages, they cannot withhold any portion of your security deposit and the landlord may be liable for double the amount of the security deposit as long as they were provided notice of your new address.

If a landlord has wrongfully withheld your security deposit at the end of your lease, we would like to help you defend your rights. Please call us today at (610) 417-6345 if your security deposit has been wrongfully withheld.