Documents Required for Bankruptcy

If you’re looking for a Bethlehem bankruptcy attorney, you are likely interested in knowing what documents will be required if you want to file for bankruptcy. The most important documents are those that establish the amount of your income and confirm your debts. In terms of establishing your income, your bankruptcy attorney will need your prior two years of tax returns and all paystubs or proof of income over the last six months.

If your sole source of income is your wages, a full set of your most recent six months of paystubs will be required. However, if you have other sources of income, proof of that income needs to be provided. For example, if you receive social security, pension, unemployment compensation, child support, spousal support, veteran benefits, or government assistance, your bankruptcy attorney will need an award letter or statement establishing the amount of income received from those sources.

With respect to your debts, your bankruptcy attorney will obtain a copy of your credit report which will contain a list of almost all of your debts. However, there are many debts that may not be reported to the credit bureaus. For example, unpaid medical bills, past due utility bills, and bills for things such as lawn care and home repairs may not be appear on your credit report. I request that clients provide me with proof of any debts that do not appear on their credit report.

You should also be prepared to inform your attorney if any lawsuits have been filed against you. A copy of your most recent mortgage statement and auto loan statements will also be necessary. Additionally, certain debts may be in collections. Provide your bankruptcy attorney with all the collection letters you’ve received so absolutely anyone contacting you about a debt is notified of your bankruptcy.

Below please find a complete list of required documents:

  • Prior two years of tax returns.
  • Prior six months of paystubs.
  • Proof of any non-wage income (e.g., social security, pension, unemployment compensation, child support, government assistance, etc.).
  • Mortgage Statement
  • Auto Loan Statement
  • Home/Auto Insurance
  • Recent Bank Account Statements
  • Recent Retirement Account Statements
  • Proof of Debts (Credit Card Statements)
  • Lawsuit Documents
  • Collection Letters

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