Electronic Case File Access Request

The Law Office of Zachary Zawarski securely backs up client files in Google Docs. This gives us the ability to share our case file with clients electronically. Google Docs is essentially an online document creation and storage application.

Any time a client file is created, it is also stored in Google Docs in each client’s individual folder. We can then share your case file with you by granting your email address permission to access the case file in Google Docs.

Court documents and papers will also be stored here, which you are able to access anytime from any computer just by logging into Google Docs with your username and password.

Before you can begin using Google Docs, please sign up for a Google Account if you do not already have an account with Google. After your account is created, simply fill out the following form to request access to your electronic case file in Google Docs. You will be able to access your case file after logging into docs.google.com.

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